The Foundation believes that one of the ways to achieve lasting change and build fruitful reciprocal relationships in a wide range of countries is to work with young lawyers. The Foundation’s experience has been that a small number of able, well trained individuals can have an enormous impact in countries which are trying to implement legal reform. To this end, the Slynn Foundation has developed the Slynn Fellowship which offers a valuable opportunity for young, promising lawyers from those countries in which the Foundation is working, to spend time working in London at leading city firms and barristers’ chambers and sitting with judges. Each Fellowship lasts for three months. It is most suitable for a young lawyer or judge who is interested in international practice including commercial law, EU law and practice and/or human rights law and practice.  The Foundation makes use of its many contacts to construct a tailor-made programme for the Fellow, taking account of his or her main interests.


Overall this fellowship offers the opportunity to experience the practice of law in London, to make lasting contacts with London-based lawyers and to experience London life. To date there have been 17 Slynn Fellows coming from Finland, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Serbia, Albania and Bulgaria and the Foundation will shortly welcome new Fellows in 2021. For further information, please contact the Executive Administrator, Ruth Eldon.

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