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Responses to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has posed many challenges for society, from which the Justice sector has not been exempt. Justice, however, cannot be closed down – and has not been. With the use of technology and adapting to new ways of working, our Courts have continued to function – albeit with major disruption to jury trials. The story is worth telling and we are pleased to record here summaries of: the use of technology to keep the justice system operating; the plans for coming out of lockdown; and the profession’s experience in lockdown. We are most grateful to our contributors. We hope that sharing the experience encountered in this jurisdiction, online, will assist the Slynn Foundation’s objective of advancing the Rule of Law internationally and we look forward to learning of the experiences of colleagues in other jurisdictions.

Sir Peter Gross – President, Slynn Foundation
Mr Peter Williamson – Chair of Trustees, Slynn Foundation

Courts Coming out of Lockdown – Sir James Dingemans

Working for Justice During a Pandemic – Amanda Pinto QC

Remote Hearings in Civil Proceedings – Fergus Randolph QC

The Remote Workings of Business and Property – Sir Geoffrey Vos


Brief biographies of the contributors can be found here

The English System of Justice – A collection of papers for the Ukrainian Judiciary

The English System of Justice – A collection of papers for the Ukrainian Judiciary (Ukrainian Version)


These papers, given by Sir Brian Neill and Sir Henry Brooke at two Workshops for the Supreme Court of Ukraine in Kyiv in February 2011, cover the following topics: The Rule of Law and the Status of the Judiciary; The Functions of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom; The Governance of the Judiciary; Civil Procedure; and Criminal Procedure.

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