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ADR & Mediation

High Level Impartial Advice and Assistance to Overseas Judiciaries and Judicial Systems


The Slynn Foundation is able to give high-level impartial advice and assistance to judiciaries through its experience both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

Mediation has proved its global importance in demonstrating that there is an effective alternative for achieving a just resolution of disputes, other than the formal determination of rights by a court of law. 

The Foundation’s experience has shown an almost universal interest amongst developing overseas judicial systems to learn more about modern ADR techniques and possible ways of diverting cases away from overloaded courts. Raising awareness and training in ADR and mediation techniques therefore form a further significant part of the Foundation’s overall programme, and it has pooled its extensive expertise and experience in this area.


To date the Foundation has delivered ADR and mediation training sessions ranging from one to five day courses and has delivered these throughout Central and Eastern Europe, as well as in Jordan.

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