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Slynn talk to JLAP about Life in the Legal Profession

Earlier this year, some of the Slynn Trustees kindly agreed to participate in interviews with the Junior Lawyers Against Poverty (JLAP) in their project focusing on the importance of pro-bono work in the legal profession and how this shapes change. Those who participated enjoyed the opportunity to engage with younger lawyers who will contribute to the future of the profession. Over the coming weeks we hope to share some of the videos with you. We would like to thank all those who took part.

The Slynn Foundation is a UK based charity working with senior judges and justice institutions around the world to enhance the rule of law, and to improve professional understanding of human rights, mediation and legal practice.

Junior Lawyers Against Poverty is a network of students and junior lawyers using their legal skills to help fight one of the world’s toughest challenges – eradication of poverty – through global improvement of access to justice and legal education.


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