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Slynn Foundation Lecture – Aspects of the legal issues and implications of Brexit for the UK and...

The Foundation was delighted that The Rt Hon the Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd who had recently retired as Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, agreed to give the 2018 Lecture His timely and insightful lecture covered the approach to the issues that arise in the context of Brexit and of the importance of legal services and dispute resolution to the UK economy. Lord Thomas referred to the urgent need for open discussion of the very complex issues that arise from Brexit and for an open and dispassionate analysis of the options that not only will serve the UK best, but which can also form a realistic basis for negotiation and agreement with the EU.

The Foundation is extremely grateful to Lord Thomas and to Clifford Chance who again generously hosted the event.

The full text of Lord Thomas’ speech can be found here:

Download PDF • 583KB


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