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The Foundation has undertaken a lot of work in Poland mainly between 1999 and 2009. This comprised visits to London for members of the National Council of the Polish Judiciary to explore features of the British court and judicial experience and a separate visit by 6 judges who visited several courts and participated in a seminar on EU Law.

The Foundation also ran a number of seminars on a variety of topics including European Community law and procedure, the implementation and enforcement of EU law in the UK. It also supported the Polish Bar EU Law Training Programme by providing a programme of training seminars in basic EU law available to all practising advocates in Poland. A seminar on Advanced EU law was also provided as a follow up to this programme.

Members of the Foundation also spoke at numerous conferences on a variety of topics including Human Rights and EU Accession, State Liability for a Breach of EU Law. A series of lectures on mediation was also delivered to the Mediation Centre, to students at the University Law Faculty to the Attorneys of the Warsaw Regional Bar.


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